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021 Madrox

You need to learn how to love yourself, or at least how to not actively try to murder yourself.

020 Astonishing X-Men (1 of 2)

Moving from the Avengers back to the X-Men means more emphasis on pharmaceutical ethics, and exactly the same amount of emphasis on AI sentience.

019 Young Avengers

The children are our future, but if they try and change it too much it'll break the space-time continuum.

018 New Avengers: Breakout & Sentry

Some heroes are brought together by fate, while others are brought together by editorial mandates to revitalize a comic book franchise with more dynamic and fan-favorite characters. Hey, why not both.

017 Secret War

Who could have guessed that – no matter when this episode came out – the story of US forces destabilizing a foreign government would still be pretty relevant.

016 Spider-Man: Marvel Knights

It wouldn't be a Spider-Man comic without heavy bridge-death imagery, or Aunt May narrowly evading the Grim Reaper yet again.

015 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Just because the war ends doesn't mean the soldiers stop fighting.

014 Avengers Disassembled

In which the greatest superhero team the world has ever seen is decimated and disbanded; all because they refused to acknowledge the reality-warping elephant in the room.

013 Thor Disassembled

What's a king to a god. What's a god to another god with a hammer. What's a god with a hammer to a big old prophecy.

012 Marvels

'Marvels' gets a lot of praise for its unique perspective on the golden age of heroes, but I just think it's great that we finally have a comic about the difficulty of creating a good coffee table book.

011 Jessica Jones and the Purple Man

I know I mistakenly say in this episode that Bohemian Rhapsody won Best Picture, and I just want to take this moment to apologize to all the Green Book fans out there.

010 Daredevil: The Fall and Rise of Kingpin

I'm Kingpin, you're Kingpin, everybody's Kingpin.

009 Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank

Vigilante Justice is all fun and games until vigilantes begin thinking they can really enact justice.

008 Daredevil: A Baby and an Echo

Ah yes, the 90s, when comics were worse. Anyway, Daredevil's life is hard.

007 Runaways Complete Vol 1

Maybe the real villains are teenager emotions.

006 Fantastic Four: The Unthinkable Dr. Doom

Be careful who you form a lifelong nemesis-ship with in college.

005 New X-Men (3 of 3)

Grant Morrison brings his series to a clean, simple, totally comprehensible conclusion that no one will ever try to retcon.

004 New X-Men (2 of 3)

The Xavier Institute needs to be investing a lot more in counseling services. Also, the government made a cool French guy.

003 New X-Men (1 of 3)

Genocide, love triangles, space birds, and twin murder.

002 Spider-Man: Return of the Goblin

Let's get to know a really cool guy who just wants to do the right thing, and also the Spider-Man he's always trying to kill.

001 The Sentry

Because let's kick this thing off with a weird one.